At OptiFlow Inc., engineering, manufacturing, and assembly teams take our customers’ requests from concept to final product. Our extensive network of dependable suppliers in the Ann Arbor area gives us the ability to efficiently deliver quality products at competitive prices. We pride ourselves on completing our customers’ orders within their required time frame.

Design for Manufacturing

Our engineering staff works closely with each customer to ensure that every product’s integrity is maintained and the finished product is ideally suited for use. A focus on efficiency from design to CNC machining has allowed us to decrease product cycle times and reduce tooling and fixturing costs. Our economical methods allow us to pass savings of time and money directly to the customer.


Our competitive pricing and efficiency would be nothing without quality as the foundation. With the industries most advanced CNC milling and Swiss-type turning machines at the forefront we are able to achieve unparalleled repeatability in our processes. Strict quality control methods also track products from first article to final inspection. Maintaining our high standard means that customers can be certain that each piece will meet their needs and fit their specifications.

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